Astronomy And Space Pavilion With Planetarium

Explore the cosmos at VOLANDIA: walk between planets and satellites, observe the sky with the planetarium and explore all the missions that mankind has done to conquer space, from Russian cosmonauts through the Apollo program, which brought the first man on the moon, to the ISS. Discover the stories of the famous astronauts, observing their suits and the amazing 1:10 scale models of the Saturn V and Soyuz rockets.

In the pavilion there is a Planetarium in which you can observe the day and night sky to discover stars, planets and constellations or see beautiful clips about the Solar System. The pavilion is run by Volandia volunteers, fans of astronomy and astronautics, organized by the Responsible and Coordinator of the activities Roberto Crippa, in collaboration with the Scientific Responsible Prof. Luigi Bignami. The exhibit was done with the collaboration of the Italian Space Agency, the European Space Agency and Leonardo S.p.A.

The informative content of the pavilion is completed by the new educational workshops on astronomy and astronautics, designed and built to be interesting for everyone, from 3 to 14 years.
All information on the teaching proposal is available at this link

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