C202 Folgore

Technical Specifications
Name : C.202 Folgore
Family : Fighter (Mock-up)
Manufacturer : Macchi
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1940
Length : 8,90 m
Span : 10,5 m
Height : 3,05 m
Wing Area : 16,8 m²
Empty : 2400 kg
Maximum Take-off :  2932 kg
Daimler-Benz DB.601A (Alfa Romeo RA.1000 RC.41)
1050 HP
Maximum Speed : a 4000m 588 km/h
Range : 680 km a 484 km/h
Two 12.7 mm machine guns

The Macchi C.202 Folgore was the mainstay of the Italian fighter force during the Second World War.
Designed by Mario Castoldi (1888-1968), the C.202 was an all-metal, single-seat monoplane with retractable landing gear and variable pitch pro- peller. It was directly derived from the C.200 Saetta by replacing the origi- nal Fiat A.74 radial engine with the inline DB.601. The prototype was flown on 10 August 1940 by Guido Carestiato (1911-1980). In turn, with the addi- tion of the DB605 engine, it served as basis for the C.205.
Thanks to its similarity with the C.200, the new C.202 was quickly put into production by Macchi, Breda and SAI Ambrosini. A total of about 1,150 Folgores were built.
The C.202 was fast, maneuverable and strong and could take on the British Spitfires and Hurricanes on an equal basis until 1942. Its main limitations were its complex structure and armament, initially consisting of two 12.7 mm guns; two additional 7.7 guns were added only from the 6th series. Initially issued to the 1st Stormo from May 1941, it equipped many other wings and groups in North Africa, Italy and Russia. Losses were in propor- tion to the intensity of the fighting, and only a few survived by September 1943. Some were taken over by the Luftwaffe and by Croatia. The last survi- vors served with the Italian Air Force school at Lecce in the late 1940s. The C.202 on display is a full-size fiberglass mock-up incorporating metal parts and details. It was built by Celin Avio and represents a C.202 built by SAI Ambrosini and serving near Rome in the air defense role in 1943 with the 365a Squadriglia of the 150° Gruppo Autonomo.

Loans: Celin Avio

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