Sai Ambrosini CVV-6

Technical Specifications
Name : CVV-6 Canguro
Family : Glider
Manufacturer : SAI Ambrosini
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1941
Length : 8 m
Span : 19,20 m
Height : 2,14 m
Wing Area : 21,60 m²
Empty : 322 kg
Maximum Take-off :  500 kg
Maximum Speed : 220 km/h
Range : 30 km

The CVV-6 Canguro (Kangaroo) was for over 15 years the symbol of Italian gliding in every sporting, promotional, training and research aspect. Designed by Ermenegildo Preti (1918-1986) while studying at the Milan Polytechnic and built in the workshop of its Gliding Center, the Canguro was an all-wood two-seat glider. The prototype was flown by Nello Valzania in Spring 1941. A second aircraft was built, but the war stopped the production under way at Aeronautica Lombarda. In 1950-53 SAI Ambrosini built 34, all but three for the Italian Air Force.
Distributed to the Military Gliding Center and the aero clubs, the CVV-6 trained pilots until 1980. Sporting laurels include a fourth place in the 1952 world championship and a second place in 1954. Through 1959 the Canguro claimed 25 Italian records, including 14 flown by Adriano Mantelli (1913-1995). In 1955 Mantelli and Muzi established a still unbroken 29 hour endurance record. In 1964 Mantelli climbed to 9.366 m altitude in a jet-powered Canguro. This C1c category world record was the last one ever claimed by the Italian Air Force.
The CVV-6 on display is the first from the military order and the oldest in existence. It was built by SAI Ambrosini with serial MM.100002 and accepted by Mantelli on 4 March 1953. A few months later it was registered I-AECB and operated initially from Dobbiaco and Vergiate. Rebuilt by the Rieti aero club in 1964 after a mishap, it was flown as I-IULI from 1968 to 1978. Rescued by Mantelli for use in a new altitude record campaign, it remained in storage for years.
Loaned to the Fondazione Museo dell’Aeronautica, it was restored in 2008 to represent the CVV-6 MM.100006 flown by Mantelli in numerous air shows.

Loaned by the heirs of Gen. Adriano Mantelli, who with this aircraft achieved remarkable records and launched the passion of flying in many youths.

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