"Take a look around you - the bricks and the wood you see witnessed the challenge of man against the sky. You are at Volandia, deep inside the history of aviation and of the industries that turned the dream of flight into reality.
The museum is divided into seven areas: forms of flight, fixed wing, rotary wing, space pavilion, drones, model aircrafts and baby volandia. It narrates the epic tale of aeronautics in all its forms, from the pioneering flights of the beginning of the 20th century, up to the futuristic convertiplane, from hot-air balloons to the conquest of space.
Volandia is "Park and Museum", with several zones – both indoor and outdoor – for the kids and for all the children hidden inside us: flight simulators, planetarium, aircraft models, Ogliari section, library, movies, bar, restaurant and a rich Volandia Store.
Have fun!"
kids & family
10 nuove postazioni WII per divertirsi e imparare giocando!
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Simulator area
Guida un aeroplano con i nostri simulatori realistici!
Pic-Nic Area
Prenditi una pausa nell’area Pic-Nic
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