AgustaBell AB-205

Technical Specifications
Name : AB-205 (UH-1H)
Family : Elicottero da trasporto e collegamento
Manufacturer : Agusta (Licenza Bell)
Nation : Italia / USA
Production Year : 1972
Fusolage Length : 13 m
Main Rotor Diameter : 15 m
Rotor Area : 176 m²
Empty : 2.363 kg
Maximum Take-off :  4.310 kg
1 Lycoming T53-13B/D Turboshaft
1.400 HP
Maximum Speed : 220 km/h
Range : 510 km (2h 30')
Cealing : 3.800 m

The Bell UH-1 helicopters have been the most widely operationally employed by the Armies of the western world Nations and imprinted almost 50 years of airborne troop mobility .The first version (UH-1A) first flew in October l956 and was immediately bought by the us Army for its airborne tactical Units. The legend of UH-1 was born during the Vietnam war where, after 1962. thousands of these helicopters in all its versions were the backbone of tactical transport and fire support of American troops. In Italy, Agusta started the license production of the UH-1B as AB-204 in l965 (250 produced) subsequently joined by the UH-1H version as AB-205 in 1965 (550 produced). The AB-205 of Volandia (EI-299, MM 80551) was taken in charge by the Italian Amy Aviation (ALE) in January 1972 and was dismissed in July 2015 after 43 years of continuous service and 6715 flight hours. This helicopter spent most of its operational career (over 20 years from 1987 to 2008) at the Air Component of the Italian military mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) where it flew 3600 hours. The rest of its service has been spent at several Army Aviation Units, ending its career at the 36th Squadron “Toro” (the constellation of the Bull) at Venaria Reale near Turin. At the end of its mission in Lebanon, where Italian helicopters were painted white, is was part of a 4-ship formation that flew a remarkable air raid back to Italy. The team was dubbed “the 4 Aces” and ‘299 was the Ace of Hearts. In this raid it was painted in a peculiar livery, green on the bow and white towards the tail, as if the “Lebanese white” was peeling away to reveal the old green camouflage, as a symbol of the “change of mission” that the helicopter was performing.’299 was one of the last AB-205 dismissed by the Italian Army Aviation and has been donated in perfect conditions to Volandia in September 2017.

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