Terzi Aerodyne T-30 Katana

Technical Specifications
Name : T-30 Katana
Family : Acrobatic for Competition Airplane
Manufacturer : Terzi Aerodyne Milano
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1991
Length : 6.70 m
Span : 7.77 m
Empty : 658 kg
Maximum Take-off :  880 kg
Lycoming IO-540 / IO-720
300/450 HP
Maximum Speed : 506 km/h
Range : 42 km

The Katana T-30 is a single-seat aerobatic competition aircraft, designed by Pietro Terzi and built by Terzi Aerodyne Milan. It is a single seat, mid-wing with symmetrical profile, without dihedral, and fixed conventional landing gear. The wings and the tail are made of riveted aluminum alloy, the fuselage is made of welded steel tubes and covered with composite material panels. The aircraft exhibited, I-KTAN, built by Edoardo Ponti, Sergio Dallan and Antonio Garegnani was presented to the Museum by Edoardo Ponti, and performed many acrobatic flights with Sergio Dallan as pilot.

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