AgustaBell AB-206

Technical Specifications
Name : Bell 206
Family : Elicottero leggero
Manufacturer : Agusta (Licenza Bell / Bell license)
Nation : USA
Production Year : 1966
Fusolage Length : 9,84 m
Main Rotor Diameter : 10,77 m
Height : 2,91 m
Rotor Area : 90,91 m²
Empty : 698 kg
Maximum Take-off :  1.360 kg
Allison 250-C18
317 SHP
Maximum Speed : 222 km/h
Range : 538 km

The Bell 206 is one of the most successful and widespread light helicopters, built in some 20 military and civil variants for a total of almost 10,000 aircraft. lts origins can be traced to the OH-4 designed for the US Army for a light, turbine-powered observation helicopter. The result was a simple helicopter, with a two-blade rotor, skid landing gear and large access doors. When the competition was won by the Hughes OH-6, Bell redesigned the OH-4 for civil use. The new Model 206-A JetRanger flew on 10 January 1966 and sold well. In 1968 various reasons led the US Army to reconsider its choice and to order the Bell 206 in the new OH-58 Kiowa military version, of which over 2,200 were built in four years. The flexibility of the JetRanger led to many applications, from training to medicai transportation, from police to aerial filming. The Bell 206 was also built under license by Agusta, in both facilities: Cascina Costa near Varese, and Frosinone. Agusta built about 1,000 AB 206s, including over 260 for the air arms of various ltalian armed forces and government agencies, including the Army (with various changes and a taller landing gear to operate from rough fields), carabinieri, Police and Firefighting corps. The helicopter on display is an AB-206A-1 built by Agusta with construction number 9155. lt was used by the Carabinieri Corp with serial MM.80931 and codes CC-46. It served with various Carabinieri Helicopter Flights across ltaly. It was updated to A-1 standard in 1989. It ended its service in 2008 and was delivered to Volandia in 2009.

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