Fiat G-46

Technical Specifications
Name : FIAT G-46
Family : Trainer
Manufacturer : FIAT AVIAZIONE
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1947
Length : 10.40 m
Span : 8.45 m
Height : 2.40 m
Wing Area : 16.00 m²
Empty : 1100 kg
Maximum Take-off :  1410 kg
AlfaRomeo 115 TER
215 HP
Maximum Speed : 312 km/h
Range : 500 km

The Fiat G-46 was a low wing basic military trainer, produced between 1947 and 1959 both in the single and tandem double seat configuration and served in the Air Forces of Italy, Austria, Argentina and Syria. The development of the G-46 was started in 1946 by the team led by Giuseppe Gabrielli and the first prototype took to the air on June 25th 1947. Its structure was an aluminum monocoque – oval shaped fuselage with cantilever wing. Its engine, an Alfa Romeo 115 ter, 6 cylinder inverted,air cooled, developed 215 HP and drove a FIAT license built, two bladed, variable pitch Hamilton Standard propeller. The G-46 exhibited at Volandia is an A version single seater, built by Fiat in 1947. It served with the Italian Air Force as MM 53284 till 1959, when it was dismissed and registered I-AEHQ for the Aero Club of Italy, flying for several Aero Clubs and ending its flying career in Milano-Bresso. In 1966 the aircraft was grounded and sold to one of its last pilots, the renowned painter and aerobatic pilot Roberto Crippa, who put it on concrete stands in the garden of his villa close to Pavia. In November 2012 the G-46, alter 45 years of “conservation” in the open, was bought by Volandia, fully restored by the AdV team of volunteers and put on exhibition at the Museum in October 2014.

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