S-211 I-SIJF

Technical Specifications
Name : S-211
Family : Basic/Intermediate Turbofan Trainer
Manufacturer : SIAI Marchetti
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1981
Length : 9.50 m
Span : 8.43 m
Height : 3.80 m
Wing Area : 12.60 m²
Empty : 1800 kg
Maximum Take-off :  2750 kg
Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4C Turbofan
1250 Thrust kg
Maximum Speed : 740 km/h
Cruising Speed : 667 km/h
Range : 3 h 30'
Cealing : 12200 m
Up to 660 kg of External Loads on 4 Underwing + 1 Ventral Attaching Points

The SIAI-Marchetti S-211 (later Aermacchi S-211) is a turbofan-powered military trainer aircraft designed and originally marketed by Italian aviation manufacturer SIAI-Marchetti.
SIAI-Marchetti started to develop the S-211 in 1976 as a private venture initiative, announcing its existence during the following year. On 10 April 1981, the first prototype performed its maiden flight. The Singapore Air Force placed the first order for ten aircraft in 1983. Some 60 aircraft have been sold to air forces around the world. Following Aermacchi’s purchase of SIAI-Marchetti in 1997, the former has held the production rights to the type. An extensively redesigned and modernised derivative, the Aermacchi M-345, has been developed by Alenia Aermacchi, and is set to enter service during 2020.
During 1976, Italian aircraft company SIAI-Marchetti commenced work on what would become the S-211; the project was undertaken as a private venture to develop a new basic trainer aircraft. SIAI-Marchetti planned to offer the type to the company’s existing customer base, consisting of various air forces around the world that operated their SF-260, a piston-engined trainer. The programme’s existence was formally announced in Paris during 1977, reportedly, customer interest was strong enough to justify the construction of two prototypes, the first of which flew on 10 April 1981. During 1983, the Singapore Air Force placed the first order for the S-211, procuring a batch of ten aircraft.
The S-211A was a slightly modified and updated variant of the S-211, was a losing contender in the United States Air Force’s Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) aircraft selection. The S-211 team was initially partnered with American aircraft company Grumman; following its merger with Northrop Corporation in 1994, SIAI-Marchetti worked with Northrop Grumman on the S-211A up until the selection.
During 1997 Aermacchi acquired SIAI-Marchetti and thereby the S-211; Aermacchi has continued to seek customers for the type. In 2004, the company announced its intention to develop an improved version of the S-211, then referred to as the S-311 (later as the M-345). At the time, Aermacchi was also developing the M-346 Master, which serves as a lead-in fighter trainer; while vaguely similar to the M-311, the latter is considerably smaller and intended to perform both the basic and advanced training syllabus, as well tactical training functions, as an alternative to single-engined turboprop-powered competitors.
The shown aircraft is the second prototype wich made the first flight on 3rd October 1981 piloted by the Test Flight Chief Alessandro Ghisleni.
Thanks to AgustaWestland (now Leonardo).

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