Cevoli Hovercraft C-16

Technical Specifications
Name : Hovercraft C-16
Family : Experimental Hovercraft
Manufacturer : Giancarlo Cevoli
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1977
Length : 4.12 m
Height : 1.04 m
Empty : 185 kg
Loaded : kg
65 HP
Maximum Speed : 50 km/h
Range : 40 km

This experimental C-16 Hovercraft was designed and built by Giancarlo Cevoli after gaining experience with the previous C-30 prototype, aiming to a more efficient and safer vehicle, built with better materials, with lower CG, more powerful engine, enclosed cabin for increased comfort and protection of the passengers and, to increase manoeuvrability and safety, propellers were replaced by shrouded directional fans.
The hovercraft structure is completely built in light alloys, with aeronautical type riveted construction. The cabin fits two doors hinged on the ceiling which give access to the three seats. The “flight” controls are of aeronautical type, with a central stick controlling 10 small rudders for directional control and a power throttle for the propelling fans and the aerodynamic braking system.
The Fiat engine is installed on elastomeric bearings, delivers 65 HP and a belt-fed automatic clutch drives the fans for the air cushion and propulsion.
Performance is excellent for this experimental type of vehicle, including a maximum speed of 50 km/h (30 mph), and allowing to “fly” on land, water, mud, snow over 20 cm high obstacles.
After the sudden death of Giancarlo Cevoli, his family donated the C-16 to Volandia in 2016.

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