SIAI Marchetti S-211 I-SITF

Technical Specifications
Name : S-211
Family : Basic/Intermediate Jet Trainer
Manufacturer : SIAI Marchetti
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1981
Length : 9.50 m
Span : 8.43 m
Height : 3.80 m
Wing Area : 12.60 m²
Empty : 1800 kg
Maximum Take-off :  2750 kg
---Pratt & Whitney JT-15D-4C Turbofan
1250 Trust kg
Maximum Speed : 740 km/h
Cruising Speed : 667 km/h
Range : 3 h 30'
Cealing : 12200 m
Up to 660 kg of External Loads on 4 underwing + 1 Ventral Attaching Points

The SIAI-Marchetti S-211 is an Italian basic/intermediate trainer aircraft, wi9th turbofan engine, supercritical wing profile, widely made in composite material. Order for Merit for Labor Fredmano Spairani strongly required the launch of the S-211 program to revamp SIAI-Marchetti business. It had the first flight on 10th April 1981 after 18 months only from program launch. It was built in around 70 units sold to Singapore, Philippines and Haiti air forces.
In 1997 the design and development of the aircraft were allocated to Aermacchi acquiring SIAI-Marchetti. In 2005 it was renamed S-311 after few improvements, then following additional modification was re-designated M-345.
Exactly the M-345 has been selected in late 2013 the replacement of the Aermacchi MB-339, both in the role of basic/intermediate trainer for the Italian Air Force, and Frecce Tricolori (Italian Acrobatic Team) aircraft.
The exhibited aircraft is the first prototype c/n 001/01-001 flying for the first time on 10th April 1981 from Malpensa airport showing civilian registration I-SITF piloted by Chief Test Pilot Alessandro Ghisleni. It flew always in single seat configuration, with the second cockpit dedicated to the FTI (Flight Test Instrumentation).
Thanks to AgustaWestland (now Leonardo).

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