Technical Specifications
Name : A-109AII
Family : Helicopter
Manufacturer : Agusta
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1985
Fusolage Length : 10,71 m
Main Rotor Diameter : 11 m
Height : 3,3 m
Rotor Area : 95 m²
Empty : 1515 kg
Maximum Take-off :  2720 kg
Two Allison 250-C20-R/I turboshafts
Rated at 420 shaft-HP each
Maximum Speed : 278 km/h
Cruising Speed : 252 km/h
Range : 667 km

The Agusta A109 was the first helicopter of entirely Italian design to enter large scale production. With its high performance and clean lines, it is a
milestone in the worldwide success of Agusta and an icon of Italian design.
Authorised in 1969 by Domenico Agusta and designed by a team led by engineers Bruno Lovera and Paolo Bellavita, the A109 had a fully hinged four blade main rotor, retractable landing gear, monocoque structure and two turbine engines. This was an innovative approach, later followed by all competitors.
Nearly 1.000 A109 helicopters were produced, through the adition of the C, CM, KM and K2 versions.
The first A109 made its maiden flight on 4 August 1971 from Cascina Costa with test pilot Ottorino Lancia. Type certification in Italy and the USA was obtained in 1975, with customer deliveries beginning the following year.
The Italian Treasury Police, the Guardia di Finanza, adopted the A109 II variant introduced in 1981, and used it to achieve the capability to operate at night. For its new antismuggling role, the helicopter was fitted with a belly radar with 360° coverage, a steerable floodlight, inflatable floats, an autopilot and sophisticated navigation systems.
The A109 AII on display was built in 1985 with military serial MM 81172 and flew with the Guardia di Finanza with call-sign “Fox 124”. It served with the Pratica di Mare Aviation Center and the Cagliari Air Section until 2006.

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