AviaMilano A-3

Technical Specifications
Name : A-3
Family : Competition Sailplane
Manufacturer : Aviamilano
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1964
Fusolage Length : 7.04 m
Span : 15/18 m
Wing Area : 11.85 (A-2) m²
Empty : 190 kg
Maximum Take-off :  310 kg
Maximum Speed : 260 km/h

The Aviamilano A-2 or A-2 Standard is an Italian high performance Standard Class sailplane first flown in 1964 and returned to production in 1966.
The A-2 was designed in the early 1960s at the Polytechnic University of Milan by Carlo Ferrarin, his cousin Francis Ferrarin and Livio Sonzio. Their aim was to build a low cost, light weight but high performance glider.
The A-2 is a single-seat cantilever mid-wing monoplane, its high-aspect-ratio wing built around an all-metal torsion box and spar. It is skinned with light alloy and has significant dihedral. In plan the wing has a constant chord central section occupying about half the span, with separable straight tapered outer panels. The centre section trailing edges carries air brakes.
Its fuselage is similar to that of the Aviamilano CPV-1 with a wooden structure and ovoid cross-section. As before, the rear part is plywood skinned, but the forward part is covered with glass fibre. A long, single, semi-reclining seat cockpit with a single piece canopy following the fuselage contours is placed ahead of the leading edge. Under it a rubber-sprung landing skid reaches aft to a retractable single wheel under the forward wing. The fuselage tapers rearwards to a T-tail quite different from the CPV-1’s conventional empennage, with a swept, straight tapered fin and rudder carrying a cantilever, tapered, one-piece all-moving horizontal tail fitted with a central anti-balance tab.
The A-2 first flew in 1964 and a short production run began in 1966. In all, five were built, one of which remained on the Italian civil register in 2010.
An Open-class version of the A-2 was produced with 18 m (59 ft 1 in) wings as the Aviamilano A-3.

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