Technical Specifications
Name : CA 113
Family : Acrobatic aircraft
Manufacturer : Caproni
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1931
Length : 7,40 m
Span : 10,50 m
Height : 2,80 m
Empty : 850 kg
Piaggio Stella P.VIII
370 HP
Maximum Speed : 250 km/h
Range : 300 km
Cealing : 7500 m

The Caproni CA-113 has been one of the most famous aerobatic aircraft of the years between the two world wars, reproduced in numerous versions even outside Italy.
Based on a classic design, the CA-113 born with a steel tube fuselage and wooden wings and a 370 HP Piaggio P-VII engine. In June 1931 it made its debut in the international race of Taliedo (south-east of Milan) piloted by Mario De Bernardi, who two months later flew the aircraft to the American National Air Races. In July 1933 it was Tito Falconi’s turn. After numerous performances in California, Falconi moved to Chicago to participate in the World Fair. Among other things, having engaged in a competition with the American Milo Burcham for the reverse flight record, he set the new record by flying in reverse trim for 3h 6min 39sec from St. Louis to Chicago. The Regia Aeronautica ordered about twenty examples to replace the Breda 19. The CA-113 also enjoyed good export success. Purchased by Germany and Portugal in several single and two-seater models, it was mass-produced in Bulgaria as K-B2. A two-seater made a promotional tour in China. From the basic airframe were also derived the CA-113R, with which Renato Donati established on April 11, 1934 the world record of altitude of 14,433 m, and the two-seater CA-137.
In 1935 the Marquise Carina Massone Negrone obtained with the CA-113 the world record of female height of 12.043 m, with a spartan equipment: a leather jacket and heated fur and an oxygen cylinder. The specimen on display is the only one in existence in the world. Having survived the war, it was restored by De Bernardi as I-MARY and participated in numerous air shows. After being used to tow gliders in Rieti, the I-MARY was donated to the Caproni Museum.

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