North American F-86-K

Technical Specifications
Name : F-86-K SABRE
Family : All Weather Fighter
Manufacturer : North American
Nation : USA
Production Year : 1954
Length : 12.47 m
Span : 11.31 m
Height : 4.57 m
Wing Area : 26.75 m²
Maximum Take-off :  8267 kg
1 General Electric J47-GE33 turbojet
3470 kg Thrust
Maximum Speed : 1112 km/h
Cruising Speed : 885 km/h
Cealing : 15000 m
Air to Air Sidewinder AIM-9B missiles
4 M-24A1 20 mm Cannons with 132 rounds

The F-86-K is a fighter derived from the F-86-D “Sabre” specifically to be exported to the NATO Countries. It had the same radar, while the armament was four M24A1 20 mm cannons with 132 rounds each, controlled by an MG4 optical targeting system. This change was necessary because the rockets used on F-86-D were very powerful but not very accurate, and they were good only when attacking heavy bombers, but the needs of NATO aviations required a fighter able to face different enemies. On the F-86-K were introduced the extended wings used on F-86-F-40 type, with changes made directly at the factory . With the new wing, the armament was upgraded adding two underwing pylons for AIM-9B Sidewinder missiles. North American of Inglewood produced 120 F-86-K, that were then disassembled and sent to FIAT in Italy where they were re-assembled, plus other 221 units built with parts supplied by North American. In May 1955 the first Italian-produced F-86-K flew in Turin. From November 1955, 63 aircraft were used by the Italian COT Wings (All Weather Fighter) out of a total of 93 F-86-K of Aeronautica Militare. The “Kapponi” as they were immediately nicknamed, were the first All Weather Fighters of Aeronautica Militare, and were used by 1° Stormo in two Groups based in Istrana (Treviso) and Pisa. Later, the F-86-K were used by the 51° and 4° Aerobrigata that later handed them over to the new-built 36° Stormo of Gioia del Colle (Bari), after having received the first Lockheed F-104-G “Starfighter”. Capable to reach speeds close to the sound in a shallow dive, the F-86-K was the first aircraft in the Aeronautica Militare being equipped with AIM-9B Sidewinder Air-to-Air infrared guided missiles. The aircraft exhibited is on loan to Volandia by Aeronautica Militare

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