Fokker F-27

Technical Specifications
Name : Fokker F-27
Family : Liner/Utility Aircraft
Manufacturer : Fokker Aircraft B.V.
Nation : Netherlands
Production Year : 1955
Length : 25.60 m
Span : 29.00 m
Height : 8.72 m
Wing Area : 70 m²
Empty : 10398 kg
Maximum Take-off :  19730 kg
2 Rolls-Royce Dart Mk 532-7 Turboprop
2 X 1678 kW
Maximum Speed : 460 km/h
Range : 2600 km

The Fokker 27 was designed in the ’50s as a multifunctional aircraft and it flew for the first time in 1957. Starting in 1957 and up to 1983 the Amsterdam based company Fokker Aircraft BV built about 600 units of the airplane, starting with the MK100 type and ending with the MK700. It has been used all over the world and for different purposes: passenger transport, freight transport, emergency transport with 24 stretchers, maritime patrol, anti-submarine, S.A.R. for sea rescue, aerial photography and geographic mapping, paratroopers transport, mail transport (by French Aeropostale), flight inspection service (by ATI in Italy). Conair even transformed the Fokker 27 into a water bomber for firefighting in Canada.
The version on display at Volandia was built by Fokker Aircraft BV in 1968, in the 5148 cargo configuration, and was delivered to Air France Post (Aeropostale), that used it until November 1999 on the French postal network. Air France Industries took care of its maintenance from the year of construction. Miniliner bought it in 2002 and after a D check decided to modify the aircraft’s avionics and navigation systems at its maintenance facility. The plane started operating again in in 2003, and kept flying until 2013. Later on Miniliner transferred the Fokker 27 to Volandia in 2016.

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