SIAI Marchetti SF-260

Technical Specifications
Name : SF-260
Family : Primary trainer
Manufacturer : SIAI Marchetti
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1966
Length : 7,10 m
Span : 8,35 m
Height : 2,41 m
Wing Area : 10,10 m²
Empty : 720 kg
Maximum Take-off :  1200 kg
Lycoming O-540 da 250 HP (reciprocating), Allison 250-B17 350 SHP (turboprop)
Maximum Speed : 439 km/h
Range : 1440 km

The SIAI Marchetti single-engine touring and training aircraft is one of the greatest successes of the Italian aeronautical industry, still in production and used worldwide over 40 years since its first flight.
The SF-260 was derived from the Aviamilano F-250, a three-seat all-metal replacement for his all-wood F-8 Falco. The F-250 was tested by Luciano Nustrini on 15 July 1964 and the program was acquired by SIAI shortly thereafter. The design was modified for production and fitted with a 260 HP engine driving a constant-speed propeller. The aircraft was certified in the USA in 1966 and in the following years established three speed records in its category. On 29 March 1969 it reached 369.43 kmph on a 100-km closed circuit. The Italian Air Force adopted the SF-260 in 1976 for screening and basic training; the type was also used by the Alitalia flying school and civil aerobatic teams.
The SF-260 has been built in many variants, without significant changes to its basic configuration: all-metal monoplane, with retractable landing gear and bubble canopy offering great visibility. The TP variant was introduced in 1981 by fitting an Allison 250 turboprop with three-blade propeller. In 1996 the program was acquired by Aermacchi, which continues production in the piston-engine E and F variants. Total production exceeds 900 aircraft, including the latest orders for the Italian and Philippine Air Forces. The SF-260 on display is I-TURB, the prototype of the TP variant, first flown by SIAI test pilot Floro Finistauri (1944 – 1983) on 16 February 1981. The aircraft is on loan from AgustaWestland and was restored in 2007-2010 by the Amici di Volandia volunteer organization. The Museum also holds a piston-engine SF-260 sectioned to serve as a training aid.

Thanks to: Agusta Westland.

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