AgustaBell AB-47-J3

Technical Specifications
Name : AB.47J-3
Family : Light Helicopter
Manufacturer : Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta (Bell license)
Nation : Italy (prototype: USA)
Production Year : 1955
Fusolage Length : 9,872 m
Main Rotor Diameter : 11,316 m
Height : 2,835 m
Rotor Area : 100,52 m²
Empty : 810 kg
Maximum Take-off :  1.340 kg
Lycoming VO-540B1B3 305 HP derated to 260 HP
Maximum Speed : 169 km/h
Range : 450 km

The Bell 47J is a four seat development of the basic Model 47, designed to increase its comfort and capacity. It equipped the Italian armed forces and government agencies, which usually referred to it as the “Iota”. The J ver- sion was developed in 1955 by mating Bell 47G dynamic components, in- cluding the metal rotor, with a new completely enclosed cabin and an en- closed tail boom replacing the open truss. The pilot sat centrally, with a three-seat couch behind him. The US Navy was the launch customer and called it “Ranger”. On 12 July 1957 a US Air Force H-13J lifted off the White House lawn carrying Dwight D. Eisenhower, who thus became the first American president to fly in a helicopter. Production eventually totaled about 1,000 aircraft. Agusta acquired the license in 1956, building until 1971 a total of 276 AB.47s in several variants. From 1958 the Italian Army, Air Force, Navy, Carabinieri, Treasury Police, Police and Firefighting Corps used these. In 1959 the Alitalia subsidiary, Elivie, used four on the Naples- Capri line. The AB.47J-3 on display was built with dual controls and with construction number 2113. It made its first flight on 24 June 1967 with Vin- cenzo Frixa and was delivered to the Carabinieri on 6 July 1967 with serial MM.80495 and codes CC-19. In the 1960s it served with the Cagliari Heli- copter Flight, while in 1977 it was in Bari. After being withdrawn from use, it was assigned to Alta Irpinia community for public display but was eventu- ally acquired by Pozzi Avio. It was delivered to the Museum in May 2010. It is painted to represent I-MINR, a helicopter in the AGIP Mineraria fleet that in 1960 discovered in the Libyan Desert the remains of S.79 MM.23881.

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