M-346 Master

Technical Specifications
Name : M-346 Master
Family : Advanced trainer
Manufacturer : Leonardo
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 2004
Length : 11,49 m
Span : 9,72 m
Height : 4,91 m
Wing Area : 23,52 m²
Empty : around 4610 kg
Maximum Take-off :  10200 kg
2 Honeywell F124-GA-200 2.850 kg thrust each
Maximum Speed : 1255 km/h
Range : 1890 km
Cealing : 15000 m

The Leonardo M-346 Master is an advanced trainer to prepare pilots destined to the latest fighters. On 18 December 2008 it reached Mach 1.17, becoming the fastest Italian-designed aircraft of all time.
The Master is the final result of an in-depth analysis of the new training re- quirements created by new combat aircraft in terms of maneuverability, thrust, human/machine interface and avionics. It is equipped with fly-by- wire digital flight controls. Among its innovations is the incorporation of operating cost as a design parameter, driving the reduction of the parts count, the increase in reliability and the simplifying of maintenance. The first prototype flew from Venegono on 15 July 2004, piloted by Olinto Cecconello. The first production standard aircraft flew on 28 June 2008. Alenia Aermacchi – as the historic firm, acquired by Finmeccanica in 2003, became in 2006 and recently merged in Leonardo – estimates a potential market for 2,000 advanced trainers over the next 20 years. The launch customer is Italy, which ordered it in 2009 for the new Integrated Training System to be established by the Ital- ian Air Force at the 61st Wing. The Master has also been selected by the United Arab Emirates, which requires 48 aircraft, in part in the light combat variant. It is also the candidate for the Eurotrainer program, the joint inte- grated training initiative joined by nine European countries.
The aircraft on display is one of the three prototypes allowing Alenia Aermacchi to lanuch the serial production. It was loaned to the Museum in 2020.

Thanks to: Leonardo.

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