Technical Specifications
Name : C.-205V “Veltro”
Family : Fighter (Mock-up)
Manufacturer : Aeronautica Macchi
Nation : Italy
Length : 8,85 m
Span : 10,58 m
Height : 3,04 m
Wing Area : 16,80 m²
Empty : 2581 kg
Loaded : kg
Maximum Take-off :  3900 kg
Daimler Benz DB605A (Fiat RA.1050 Tifone)
1475 HP
Maximum Speed : a 7200m 642 km/h
Range : 985 km
Two 12.7 mm machine guns
Two 20 mm cannons (series III only)

The C-205V “Veltro” (Greyhound) distinguished itself in the final stages of the Second World War and was the last series-built Macchi fighter aircraft. Designed by Dr. Ing. Mario Castoldi (1888-1968), the C-205V was an all-metal single-seat monoplane, with retractable landing gear and variable-pitch propeller. In essence, Castoldi fitted the 1,475 HP DB-605A engine and a heavier armament to the proven airframe of his previous C-202 “Folgore”, in production since 1941. This evolutionary approach speeded service entry and allowed the Veltro to become the most widely used third-generation fighter of the war, with 250 aircraft built against the combined total of 133 for its Fiat G.55 and Reggiane RE 2005 competitors.
The first C-205V made its maiden flight on 19 April 1942 from Lonate Pozzolo with test pilot Guido Carestiato.
The new fighters were assigned to the 1st Stormo (Wing) in February 1943 and entered combat on 7 April, fighting gallantly in the Tunisian and Sicilian campaigns. After the 1943 armistice, the Veltros continued to fly with the Regia Aeronautica, operating with the Allies over the Balkans. In Northern Italy they saw brief service with the Luftwaffe and then with the 1st Fighter Group of the ANR.
The last C-205Vs, including some re-engined C-202s, served with the Italian Air Force until 1950. Some were exported to Egypt and saw service during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.
This C-205V is a full-size model representing a cannon-armed Series aircraft in service in 51° Stormo, 155° Group of the Aeronautica.

Thanks to: Alenia Aermacchi

Exposed outside, facing Malpensa airport, as Gate Guardian

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