AermacchiEmbraer AMX Ghibli

Technical Specifications
Name : AMX "Ghibli"
Family : Fighter-bomber
Manufacturer : AMX International (Aeritalia/Aermacchi/Embraer)
Nation : Italy/Brazil
Production Year : 1984
Length : 13,23 m
Span : 9,97 m
Height : 4,55 m
Wing Area : 21 m²
Empty : 6700 kg
Maximum Take-off :  13000 kg
Rolls Royce Spey 807 rated 5000 kg thrust
Maximum Speed : 940 km/h
Range : 1400 km
a 20 mm cannon and up to 3800 kg of external loads

All-weather fighter-bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, in service with the Italian and Brazilian air forces also in the two-seat AMX-T advanced training version. It is used for close air support, reconnaissance and cooperation with surface forces.
Born from the Italian CBR-80 requirement, later joined by Brazil, the AMX made its first flight on 15 May 1984 with Manlio Quarantelli (1926-1984). The AMX International consortium formed by Aeritalia (46.5%), Aermacchi (23.8) and Embraer (29.7) built 199 AMX, including 37 two-seaters. The total includes 49 aircraft completed by Aermacchi in Venegono Superiore (Varese).
From 1989 the Italian Air Force received 136 AMX, including 26 two-seater, equipping four wings. Used effectively over the Balkans, in Afghanistan (since 2009, with the “Black Cats” task force) and over Libya, they remain in service with the 51st Wing at Istrana (Treviso) and 32nd Wing at Amendola (Foggia).
The AMX on display is the fifth prototype (A-05, military serial X-599), assembled by Alenia and flown by Egidio Nappi from Turin-Caselle on 26 July 1986. Used mainly for armament tests, it flew mostly from Decimomannu, in Sardinia. Here it also made its final flight on 6 November 1995, after accumulating 625.35 hours in 489 sorties. Presented to Volandia by the Italian Air Force, it was prepared for display by the 3rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit at Treviso. It is the first AMX in a museum.

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