Republic Aviation F-84-F

Technical Specifications
Name : F-84-F Thunderstreak
Family : Fighter-Bomber
Manufacturer : Republic Aviation
Nation : USA
Production Year : 1950
Length : 13.23 m
Span : 10.24 m
Height : 4.38 m
Wing Area : 30.19 m²
Empty : 6273 kg
Maximum Take-off :  27940 kg
1 Wright J-65-W3 Turbojet
32.2 kN thrust
Maximum Speed : 1118 km/h
Range : 1304 km Radius
Cealing : 14020 m
6 12.7 Browning M6 Machine Gun
Up to 2722 kg of external loads

The Republic F-84-F was a single-engine fighter-bomber with swept wing, produced by Republic Aviation Corporation starting from the mid ’50s, as a development of the previous F-84-G. Differences were the modern swept wing design and the more powerful engine. The first prototype XF-96-A flew in June 1950 and even though it reached the maximum speed of 1.151 km/h, the new aircraft was slower in terms of climb speed compared to the previous version, and it couldn’t even reach the same maximum flight ceiling. The Korea war brought new funds for the USAF, allowing the installation of the new turbojet Wright J-65, a version of the British Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire produced under license. The new turbojet necessarily required changes to the structure: the fuselage was completely re-designed and thanks to the repositioning of the fuel tanks inside the wing, it was possible to renovate the cockpit and the canopy. Similarly, in order to receive more air for the new engine, the air intake was re-designed with an oval shape raised almost 8 cm. In the rear part of the fuselage, air brakes were positioned, made with perforated metal panels. For emergency situations a parachute brake could be deployed from an armored space placed at the end of the tail. The first production F-84-F flew in November 1952 while the deliveries to the Squadrons of Tactical Air Command took place only starting from 1954. The swept wing didn’t allow the installation of wing tip tanks, but underwing pylons could carry two or even four additional 300 liter drop tanks. The plane was equipped with an auto-pilot system, and since it could carry nuclear tactical weapons, it was equipped with the LABS (low-altitude bombing system) for pitch-up bombing technique. Aeronautica Militare Italiana received 194 F-84-F that served until 1972. The Thunderstreak was used between 1958 and 1959 by the Red Devils and Getti Tonanti aerobatic teams. The aircraft exhibited, lent to the museum by Aeronautica Militare, was retired in 1972. On the fin there is the badge of “Gladio Alaton (winged sword) typical of ground attack squadrons.

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