Pajno Rondine

Technical Specifications
Name : Rondine Pajno
Family : High Performance Glider
Manufacturer : C.P. Guidotti & Glasfaser Italiana
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 2000
Length : 6.68 m
Span : 15.00 m
Wing Area : 9.80 m²
Empty : 220 kg
Maximum Speed : 240 km/h

The high performance glider Rondine was designed by Ing. Vittorio Pajno. Based on the previous Pajno V-1, it includes many aerodynamic improvements and new composite materials. Aerodynamic was studied in Holland by the University of Delft. The wing structure and the ailerons are made of composite materials reinforced with carbon fibre. The wing tips have thin “winglets” that improve the glider’s performance of almost 6%, particularly at a speed between 120 and 200 km/h. The fuselage is also made in composite materials and the cockpit is raised to be fit for pilots more than 6 ft. tall. The tailplanes are of composite sandwich. Built as a single prototype I-VIPK by G.P. Ghidotti & Glasfaser Italiana it has never been produced in series. It is exhibited at the museum thanks to a donation by Ing. Vittorio Pajno.

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