SIAI Marchetti S-211 JPATS

Technical Specifications
Name : S-211
Family : Basic Turbofan Trainer
Manufacturer : SIAI Marchetti
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1981
Length : 9.50 m
Span : 8.47 m
Height : 3.80 m
Wing Area : 12.66 m²
Empty : 1615 kg
Maximum Take-off :  3500 kg
Pratt&Whitney JT-15D-4C Turbofan
1250 Thrust kg
Maximum Speed : 760 km/h
External Loads up to 660 kg on 4 Underwing + 1 Ventral Attaching Ponts

The SIAI Marchetti S-211 is a basic trainer characterized by a modern design, advanced aerodynamics and fuel-efficient turbofan engine. The two-seat S-211 was designed by the SIAI Marchetti technical office to extend the SIAI Marchetti range by covering – after initial screening with the SF-260 – the second phase of the military pilot training phase. Its innovative features included “supercritical” airfoils, an airframe optimized for ease of production and a commercial engine.
The first S-211 was flown by test pilot Alessandro Ghisleni on 10 April 1981 from Malpensa. The type was not adopted in Italy, but some 80 aircraft were purchased by international customers including Singapore, Philippines and Haiti. In association with Grumman the S-211 competed in the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS), but the US Air Force eventually opted for turboprops. In late 1996 the S-211 program was acquired, together with other SIAI Marchetti designs, to Aermacchi where in 2005 it served as basis for the new M-311 now, improved in the M-345 version, on offer in various countries with strong emphasis on its combination of jet performance at turboprop costs.
The S-211 on display here is I-SMTE (construction number 19), still in the American-style livery applied for the JPATS competition. It is on loan thanks to AgustaWestland, now Leonardo.

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