NHIndustries NH-90

Technical Specifications
Name : NH-90
Family : Multirole medium/heavy helicopter
Manufacturer : NHIndustries
Nation : Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal
Production Year : 1995
Fusolage Length : 19.56 m
Main Rotor Diameter : 16.30 m
Length : 19.56 m
Rotor Area : 208.57 m²
Empty : 4200 kg
Maximum Take-off :  10600 (TTH) - 11600 (NFH) kg
2 RR-Turbomeca RTM322-01/9 or FiatAvio-GE T700-T6E or CT7-8FS for Spain only turboshaft
1799 kW (RTM-322) - 1577 kW (FiatAvio-GE)
Maximum Speed : 300 km/h
Range : 900 km (TTH) - 1000 km (NFH)
Cealing : 6000 m

The NHIndustries NH-90 (NATO Helocopters for the 90’s) is a multirole, twin engine, medium/heavy, four bladed helicopter developed in 90’s by the NHIndustries consortium. NHI was created by AgustaWestland (now Leonardo) the France/German Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) and GKN-Stork Fokker Aerospace and a small participation of the Portuguese Aerospace Industry.
The NH-90 is the first and the only helicopter in service equipped with the flight-by-wire control system and features an advanced composite airframe, designed for ballistic tolerance, a high level of crashworthiness, lower weight, and 30 per cent greater endurance than a metallic counterpart.
It is produced in two principal variants, the battlefield Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH) and the maritime NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH).
As of early 2023, there were 597 on order, and the 500th airframe was delivered at that time.
The operators, in addition to Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Portugal included in NHIndustries, are Finland Norway and Swede participating to the common Nordic Helicopter Program, and Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, Oman and Qatar. Considering in addition the different armed forces operating the NH-90 in some Countries the total of operators is up to 20 fleets.
The exhibited helicopter is the second prototype, which made its first flight in March 19th 1997. It was dedicated to the definition of the flight-by-wire control system and to the fine-tuning of the NFH version specific equipments. It is the helicopter generally used for the demo flight in the Paris, Berlin, Farnborough air shows in addition to the commercial demonstration all over the world, exhibiting its extraordinary handling, even tough at around ten tons operating weight, as shown in the picture flying in reverse fly at positive g.
It is shown in Volandia since 2023, coming from the 2° Reggimento Sostegno AVES “Orione” based in Bologna.

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