Monerai Monnet

Technical Specifications
Name : Monerai Monnet
Family : Sailplane
Manufacturer : Monnet Experimental Aircraft
Nation : Italy
Production Year : 1984
Length : 5.97 m
Span : 10.97 m
Height : 1.32 m
Maximum Take-off :  204 kg
Sachs Rotary Engine (Only 1 Prototype)
22/25 HP
Maximum Speed : 193 km/h

The Monnett Monerai is a sailplane developed in the United States in the late 1970s for homebuilding. It is a conventional pod-and-boom design with a V-tail and a mid-mounted cantilever wing of constant chord. The kit assemblies in approximately 600 hours. It has bonded wing skins and incorporates 90° flaps for glide path control. The pod-and-boom fuselage consists of a welded light alloy tube truss encased in a fiberglass shell, with an aluminum tube for the tailboom. A spar fitting modification was released in 1983. A powered version was designed as the Monerai P with an engine mounted on a pylon above the wings. A Sachs Rotary Engine was chosen for the prototype. A version with extended wing tips is also available (Monerai Max) which increases the span to 12 m (39 ft) and raises the glide ratio from 28:1 to more than 30:1. The exhibited model is a Monerai P model presented to the Museum in 2014 by Eugenio Corbellini.

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